In Memory of My Beloved Therapy Dog Selma 2009 – 2020
This very wise and beautiful creature was an excellent teacher, a gifted healer, an amazing ambassador for her breed, and a being who asked for very little and gave so much, to so many. Until we meet again….

And now allow me to introduce Walter and Emma. In the photograph displayed here Walter is the the fawn colored smaller dog on the left and Emma, is the larger animal on the right, whose coloring is referred to in the canine world as “blue”. Both are “rescue” full bred American Bullies.
Walter ( AKA “Buddha Tank Man”) is a strong as an ox and yet at the same time very circumspect, loving, gentle and contemplative.
Emma ( AKA “ The Emmanator”) is full of pith and vinegar. She approaches life with infinite energy, love and compassion, as her kisses and her wiggly hind quarters will readily attest. Their two energies together represent yin and yang and assist in creating a therapeutic space that fosters a true nurturing balance ideal for healing work.